How Can We Promote Environmental Awareness?

How Can We Promote Environmental Awareness?

We can promote environmental awareness in organisations by drafting a green policy strategy, making a recycling plan, buying reusable items, turning off electrical appliances and going paperless.

In an organisation, awareness of environmental issues starts from the top. If high-up bosses and managers set a good example, then employees will follow suit. Things that reduce consumption will lower the amount of air pollution your organisation generates and improve your carbon footprint. As a result, you will be contributing less to climate change.

Promoting Environmental Awareness

Its beneficial for everyone to promote environmental awareness, as it makes your organisation cheaper to run, and less fossil fuels enter the earth’s atmosphere. Any of the following tips will help you on your way to a greener workplace.

Green Strategies

If you own an organisation, you need to draft and implement a green strategy.

This could include any of the below things, as well as awareness training. Even if your organisation doesn’t strictly deal with the environment unlike a tree surgeon, this is very important. Training gives you an opportunity to sell your ideas to your employees and let them buy into them.

Recycling Plans

Recycling plans are an easy but effective method to reduce waste.

This should involve a recycling bin at work and encouraging staff members to use it. Although people do generally like to recycle, the problem lies with what you can recycle, and people putting certain items in the wrong bins.

In an office, you should also look to recycle PCs, laptops and their internal parts when you upgrade.

Buying Reusable Items

Employees should use metal water bottles, plastic lunch boxes and reusable coffee cups at work. Organisations may want to provide their own branded reusable items to their employees to promote environmental awareness.

In the UK alone, 38.5 million plastic bottles are used every day, with about half ending up in landfill sites and oceans.[1] Meaning, that the amount of plastic produced each year, is roughly the same as the weight of humanity. This is really shocking, especially because reusable bottles save you money. It is much cheaper for you to buy a slightly more expensive bottle and refill it when you need to, instead of buying plastic bottles and throwing them away every day.

Furthermore, if you go to a coffee shop with your reusable mug, certain outlets will offer you a discount on your drink. This is a reason in itself to get yourself a reusable cup.

Turning Off Appliances

We all do it. We leave PCs on standby overnight, so everything is there when you get into work in the morning. Also, we leave plugs in their sockets with the switch on, with nothing plugged in.

Yes, it is convenient, but its also poor environmental awareness. Your organisation needs to make this clear and promote turning off all appliances and lights before you leave work. They can set good examples themselves, or make sure that after everyone is gone, all electrical appliances are switched off.

Going Paperless

Nowadays most things can be done on a laptop or PC, so take advantage of that. Organisations must make employees aware of the array of services and options at their fingertips, that can minimise paper usage.

We can make and edit documents with Microsoft Office, talk on Skype, make reminders with Sticky Notes and sometimes hand-write things like signatures with touch screen monitors. In addition, sharing documents is so easy now, with Emails and services like Google Drive. This means that you very rarely need to take a trip to the printer.

Most people don’t think about online services as being eco friendly, but they are. You should make your employees aware.

For more information, you can complete an online eLearning course. Our course has CPD approval, and will make sure your employees are as green as they can be.

You can view our online environmental awareness training course here.