What are the 6 Main Benefits of eLearning?

benefits of elearning

Today eLearning is the go-to source of training in the workplace and is taking the world by storm. And there’s a good reason why. With numerous advantages relevant to every industry, business and employee across the world, it is the obvious choice. We listed 6 benefits of eLearning so you can see clearly what advantages it will have for you:

1. Flexible and convenient

2. Suits all budgets

3. Different learning style options

4. Pace controlled by learner

5. Easy to follow results and reporting

6. Paperless record keeping and administration

Flexible and convenient

Learners can complete courses at home, in the office, even on public transport! The possibilities are endless. As long as the learner has access to a laptop they can complete courses wherever they choose. Perhaps your work is in a remote location? This can be very difficult for training. With eLearning this is not a problem, as it can be delivered anywhere, remote locations pose no problems. 

Suits all budgets

Whilst setting up your eLearning course can be costly, depending on what type of package you choose, it is an investment which will undoubtedly save you money in the long run. 

Traditional instructor led training often involves the booking of a venue, catering, travel and materials. This is before the costs for the training itself and time lost from the working day. Training often spans an entire morning or days and presents a great disruption to the working day. Online training means you cut out all of this. And, eLearning courses can be re-used and updated with very little time or expense. Added to which, a single course can reach 100s of employees, rather than the dozen or so a classroom based course can cater for. 

Different learning style options

We all learn in different ways. Some learning are visual and retain information through videos, for example. Others prefer written notes and some need real life examples before they take the information in. So a huge benefit of eLearning is the breath of different content formats available to choose from. You can pick a range of different formats and mix them up, making eLearning engaging and interesting for every learner. 

Pace controlled by learner

Of course, it’s highly unlikely that everyone, at the beginning of any course, will have the same levels of knowledge and skills. Some may be quicker learners than others, or already familiar with the topic. So the benefit of eLearning, for any business, is that learners can work at their own pace, saving a great deal of time and expense. No one is put under pressure to keep up or slow down.

Easy to follow results and reporting

So, you’ve paid for the training, your employees have completed it – how do you know how effective it has been? This is the question that every organisation should be asking. Because the time and expense of training is only sensible if it helped to achieve your goals.

Online training makes it so easy to pull together the data you need and measure its effectiveness. You can gather information such as take up rates, course completion, grades and completion time. This can all be put into reports directly from the Learning Management System (LMS)

Paperless record keeping and administration

In the modern world, it is so important to avoid paper and work digitally wherever possible. Training could often mean hours of administrative work with all the paper trails that go with it. Someone had to keep on top of organising the training, recording results, outcomes etc.

With online training, there are no pens or paper or any need for administration. It’s all handled directly on the LMS. Admin staff can log on at any time and get a snapshot of what is happening in the company, training wise.


The benefits of eLearning in the workplace are numerous. This list gives you an idea of the benefits but there are many more. Now, all you need to do is contact us and see how we can help you to make your business thrive.