Engage in Learning helps remove Unconscious Bias in dealing with others

To ensure that all workers give of their best in any and every situation, itʼs important for their managers and colleagues to be completely — and truly — rational, objective and unbiased in their treatment of them.

While thereʼs now various pieces of legislation that protect people from bias and prejudice — and, therefore, there are sanctions that can be applied to those who display conscious or unconscious bias in their dealings with others — the issue is more far-reaching and important that merely ensuring you avoid punishment.

Treat all workers fairly

For organisational efficiency, effectiveness and profitability, itʼs important that all workers are treated fairly, encouraged in their roles and given every opportunity to develop to the best of their ability. That can only happen when bias of all kinds is eradicated in all interactions with these people.

We can all display unconscious biases in our dealings with others — and these can easily affect our workplace decisions, especially when weʼre in the role of recruiter and/or manager. Unconscious bias can affect our views on who to promote, how to give feedback, how to conduct appraisals — in fact, all aspects of team dynamics and relationships.

Moreover, since this bias is unconscious, weʼre unaware of the adverse, detrimental effect that itʼs having on our colleagues, ourselves and the organisationʼs performance and profitability.

Bias training

To combat the effects of unconscious bias, the Engage in Learning online learning programme makes much use of interactive video to illustrate how unconscious bias can occur; offers some clues for how to spot when youʼre indulging in unconscious bias, and explains what to do to combat and prevent unconscious bias.

Although we may not be aware of our biases, we can reduce their impact. The new Engage in Learning course covers a range of techniques that should help users design bias out of their workplace interactions.

For further details of the Unconscious Bias course visit our website.

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