GDPR training needs: ignorance will be no excuse…

The General Data Protection Regulation raises the bar for compliance, including a wider definition of personal data, tighter limits on its use and giving individuals more rights. This is a major challenge for all organisations yet, despite so many on-going information campaigns, around a third of company directors and senior managers are still unaware that the shake-up will affect them. With less than three months to go, this is now becoming a potentially dangerous situation for organisations and end users alike. Getting high quality, auditable training in place for all staff is imperative.


Frankly, organisations cannot afford to ignore their data protection responsibilities for so many reasons. And yet, reports continue to demonstrate that most businesses are still not ready for the change-over from the Data Protection Act to the General Data Protection Regulation, with less than 10% of organisations so far providing any staff training to all employees.

Many are still drinking from the chalice of remiss, continuing to believe that training their staff is just not necessary at all or remaining completely unaware of the biggest data protection shake up in twenty years and how it will affect them. What is more concerning is that, of those that are aware, only 53% are even planning to provide the training at all because itʼs just not considered a priority or it’s too expensive, running a very real risk of breaching the regulation which carries some serious consequences. Hello? Has anyone mentioned the 4% of global turnover or â‚¬20,000,000 penalties for non-compliance? That chalice is not quite the bottomless treasure you may think it is. It can get empty very, very quickly… But who can resist one last sip, right?

The fact is, GDPR readiness may sound like an expensive hurdle, but thatʼs simply not the reality. What is a reality, is that GDPR readiness is legally required and is far less time-consuming or expensive than you might think, regardless of perceived obstacles such as company size, staff locations, the languages of learners or how much time you have to allocate to busy employees.

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We are so convinced that you’ll agree, that we are happy to provide you with free, full access to our course so you can complete it for yourselves and see just how fast, easy and engaging it is to train staff anytime, anywhere in multiple languages and with a full auditable trail for your organisation’s peace of mind and legal transparency. We’re an award-winning eLearning solutions provider for a reason.

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At Engage in Learning, whether you’re an SME or require a global enterprise roll-out, we can provide you with awareness training for all staff or a fully comprehensive version for those working directly with data. All our courses are fully editable to accomodate your own policies, documetns, links, branding and more, or we can provide a fully customised version to suit your specific needs. Don’t leave your organisation at risk, consider your GDPR training options now and see why we are the trusted suppliers of multilingual, editable, multi-device training to organisations including:

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