Seven benefits of GDPR for your organisation you may have missed

gdpr advantages

It’s not all doom and gloom! The positive opportunities that can be created with General Data Protection Regulation compliance actually allow you to drive operational and brand enhancing benefits. It’s time we moved on from the warnings and the negativity of highlighting threats of fines, and draw attention to the positive opportunities that can be created by leveraging GDPR compliance.

In an interesting post recently, Daniel Philpot, Senior Account Manager at OgilvyOne Business, drew attention to the positive opportunities that can be created with GDPR compliance. Indeed, rather than seeing this as something that is simply giving consumers all the power, or a means by which your hard-earned data is going to be unusable, it’s more beneficial to see that itʼs a process of re-balancing the control which brings about a great opportunity to be smarter in how we treat customer data and how we engage with the real people that we rely on to sustain our businesses, helping to drive genuine operational and brand enhancing benefits. Now, that’s a refreshing glass of perspective we could all do with a sip from.

Before sipping on a refreshing glass of GDPR benefits

Check out this refreshing take on the Data Protection change with the seven benefits that your organisation should embrace this May:

GDPR is an opportunity for marketing

  • Relevance: every message reaching customers needs to be relevant and personal to them. If itʼs not, they may easily enact their ‘right to erasureʼ and remove their consent
  • Transparency: individuals arenʼt currently in control of their personal data. This change can bring back trust and allow individuals to make informed decisions about when and how their data can be used
  • Personalised content: GDPR ultimately focuses on improving customer experience. If data is at the heart of an organisationʼs activities then customers benefit from a more seamless and personalised experience

It’s also an opportunity for the business

  • Alignment: this is an opportunity for operations, data, marketing and sales to all work together. The alignment is business critical to ensure processes are in place to avoid fines and can help create team cohesiveness and internal transparency
  • Engagement: businesses will now need to be smarter in how customer data is treated and how they engage with them. Gaining consent from people to contact them means an engaged audience, meaning greater interest in your products and services
  • Intelligence: a chance to check the business model and align it to who really makes up the client base. Organisations need to communicate with their entire database to ask for opt-in, make the most of this by learning about your audience and their interests
  • Value: this move is all about value exchange because customers can’t be taken for granted. It is necessary to consider what they are really getting in return for their data. GDPR is just forcing businesses to always put value first

By becoming compliant, organisations can now realign and strategise their approach to consumer communications. Here is a clear and positive opportunity to leverage the regulation as a point of learning to drive operational and brand enhancing benefits. Sweet.

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