The New Normal? We’ve Got Your Back

In our May 2020 Special Edition Newsletter we focused on the millions of workers that have found themselves working from home during the pandemic. Following a period of adjustment, this has become a way of life for many people and we are now entering the next phase; the new normal.

The ‘new normal’ is constantly evolving and reshaping as circumstances change, but it is entirely possible that how we live and work could change dramatically for the foreseeable future. One thing that has remained certain, is the effectiveness of eLearning.

At Engage in Learning, we have been delivering training in new, innovative and different ways for many years. Our eLearning content can be delivered anytime, anywhere and at a pace which suits the learner. It is a cost effective, flexible and tailored alternative to traditional instructor-led training courses. And in these uncertain times, it is absolutely essential.

Our eLearning courses are jam-packed with features. Learners control their Speed, Language, Theme and Media. So, there is no reason to delay training for your staff.

Contact to arrange a preview of the Working from Home Pathway, which now includes our brand new course, Managing Remote Teams.

Managing Remote Teams

The most significant change in the ‘new normal’ has been the number of people now working from home. And this looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. It’s even possible that the way we work may never be quite the same again. Our new course, Managing Remote Teams, addresses this head on. It is designed to help you and your organisation successfully respond to these changes.

As many of us have discovered, working remotely and communicating virtually can make it difficult for a team to achieve high performance… and indeed to even feel like they are working in a team. In this package, managers will be introduced to the virtual barriers to high performance and given some practical tips on how to use technology to overcome them.

The course is broken into five sections, focusing on cohesion, connectivity, cooperation, communication and culture. Each section has two major practical tips for managers, including:

  • creating opportunities to develop a strong sense of team identity via technology
  • setting up a strong pattern of communication events with specific purposes
  • being alert for team conflict and dealing with it effectively in a remote environment
  • conducting effective virtual meetings that energise and focus team effort
  • promoting professional text-based team communication

Positive Mental Health Awareness

No one really knows what will happen over the course of the next few months and years right now. Workforces have been asked to adjust and adapt to changes at lightening speed, in a time with little certainty.

Some people will be finding this process easier than others. For many, the experience is stressful and traumatic. To protect our long term mental health, we must all be aware of the impact of these changes.

It is important now more than ever that organisations do everything they can to help their staff adjust to the ‘new normal’.

There are ways to make sure your employees mental health stays positive during this period and online learning will help develop their knowledge and understanding of how to apply them.

You can access our Positive Mental Health Awareness training course as part of our Working from Home Pathway or as an individual course.