What are Good Problem Solving Skills? 

What are Good Problem Solving Skills? 

Good problem solving skills involve the ability to handle difficult situations and challenges in the workplace. An essential leadership skill is being able to assess situations and calmly identify solutions. Problem solving skills allow you to achieve this. 

Active listening

By taking time to listen to the views of others we can understand so much more about what is happening around us. The purpose of listening should be to understand the viewpoint of someone else and not just to give your own reply.


In order to solve a problem, you first need to understand it. By analysing the situation you will develop a deeper appreciation of what needs to change. Analysing the current order of things provides the foundation for problem solving.


There’s no reason to recreate the wheel. If someone has already solved a problem and done it well, adopt a similar approach. Look into how they did it, and consider how you can apply it to your situation.


Creative thinking encourages you to change this pattern and look at your decisions in a new way. This allows a fresh perspective on ways to solve problems and solve challenges.


Strong written and verbal communication skills will help paint a picture of what is happening and what needs to change.and engage others.


Team members will naturally look to their manager for cues. As project manager having a dependable approach provides security when dealing with a problem. 

Decision making

Being confident, clear and direct in decisions avoids confusion and frustration. Eventually a decision must be made. Avoiding this will only waste time and create a bigger problem. 

Team building

Having a motivated and engaged team creates healthy relationships and develop trust which enables people to work together effectively o solve problems. 

How to improve problem solving skills

  1. Gain a good knowledge of your field. The more you know about your role and responsibilities in work, the more associated problems you will be able to resolve. 
  2. Actively look for opportunities to problem solve. Put yourself in new situations and volunteer for projects and activities outside of your usual role. Seeking new challenges and different ways of working will strengthen your problem solving abilities. 
  3. Observe others when they problem solve. Watch how they communicate and the processes they go through.

Solving problems is an essential skills which is highly valued by organisations. This skills is not limited to any particular sector, industry or role and is highly sought after. For this reason, problem solving abilities are often discussed and tested when organisations recruit new staff. They are not just useful for your employer, having strong problem solving skills can benefit your career and daily life. Problems are unavoidable and will often arise one way or another. Having the ability to use initiative and find solutions could prove to be your most valuable skill. 


Engage in Learning provide Decision Making Pathway courses which will help you develop creative thinking and problem solving skills. The Solving Problems: Definition to Options course will teach you how to work with the team to identify where you want to be, where you are and the root cause of the problem. 

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