What Are the Benefits of Customer Service? 

Benefits of customer service

The potential benefits of customer service include: increased sales (and a higher likelihood of customers trying out other products/services too), customer loyalty (more likely to be a returning customer and recommend your business to others), enhanced public image (helps build your brand and encourages acceptance if there is a slight lapse in customer service), More effective workforce (if your customers are satisfied customers you are much more likely to create a positive working environment). 

Good customer service can make or break your business. Providing promotions and creating expensive marketing campaigns will all help draw attention to your business. But, unless you only want your customers to use your service once, your business will not be profitable without good customer service.  


Benefits of customer service


Increased sales

In essence, good customer service is about forming a relationship with the customer. Revolving around the customer is key. They must feel comfortable and confident that you are helping them. This in turn will lead to sales.

Forget going in with a sales pitch and bombarding customers with product information. Always start with customers doing the talking. Why are they in your business today, what are they looking for, how can you help? Actively listen to their responses. Show them you are listening by summarising what they have said and checking if your understanding is correct. Use the information they have given you to help them.


Customer loyalty

It’s all about making your customers feel valued, respected and happy. Sometimes a situation may arise whereby your business will not profit from an exchange. For example, a customer in your store has a broken bag. They are struggling with their shopping. You take the time to help them fix their bag. This does not result in any financial gain for your business. But it shows that you care and value you customers. This will bring them back to your service time and time again and provide positive feedback about your business to others. In turn this will generate more people trying your product or service who will also then enjoy your customer service and become repeat customers. 


Enhanced public image

Essentially customers must feel that your business is reliable and trustworthy. If you cannot keep your promises, do not make them! Always give very careful thought before promising anything to customers. Can you absolutely deliver this? If not, do not promise it. Empty promises will do far more damage to your business in the long run. Always give every complaint your attention and do not dismiss them. Failure to deal well with criticism can cause long term damage to your public image.


More effective workforce

If your working environment involves multiple complaints and unhappy customers, this will have a knock on effect on the staff. On the other hand, a working environment with great customer service in place, will create a happy and secure workforce. By knowing exactly how to handle difficult customers and deal with queries and complaints your staff will not become stressed or flustered. They will be confident in their dealings with your customers and proud to represent your brand, business or product. 



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