What Skills Do You Need for Customer Service?

What Skills Do You Need for Customer Service?

Skills needed for customer service are confidence, patience and active listening. You also need to be aware of body language and how this comes across to your customers. 

Good customer service is about making your customers feel valued, respected and happy. This will bring them back to your service time and time again and provide positive feedback about your business to others. In turn this will generate more people trying your product or service who will also then enjoy your customer service and become repeat customers. 

Providing promotions and creating expensive marketing campaigns will all help draw attention to your business. But unless you only want your customers to use your service once, you business will not be profitable without good customer service.  

In essence, good customer service is about forming a relationship with the customer. Revolving around the customer is key. They must feel comfortable and confident that you are helping them. Providing good customer service is very simple providing you follow some guidelines.


Good customer service skills



Customers are often putting their faith in you to help them with their decision and purchase. If you seem unsure or confused you will not earn their trust. Confidence is key. Know what you are talking about and give the customer the reassurance that they are in safe hands. If you don’t know the answer to a query, be honest and assure them you will find out. You don’t have to know everything, all the time to be confident. 



In order to get the customer what they want you must firstly listen to what they want. Forget going in with a sales pitch and bombarding them with product information. Always start with them doing the talking. Why are they in your business today, what are they looking for, how can you help? Actively listen to their responses. Show them you are listening by summarising what they have said and checking if your understanding is correct. Use the information they have given you to help them.


Active Listening

By taking time to listen to the views of others we can understand so much more about what is happening around us. The purpose of listening should be to understand the viewpoint of someone else and not just to give your own reply. Being an engaged listener can demonstrate your appreciation of the other person and create an authentic connection. Always make a conscious effort to really listen to what they are saying, maintain eye contact and only respond when they have finished after taking a moment to formulate your thoughts. 


Body language

This is an often forgotten and underestimated element of communication. No matter the topic or your knowledge or your confidence, your body language can let you down if it isn’t consistent with the message you are sharing. Demonstrate confidence by keeping an open posture stance, leaning towards your customer and keeping arms relaxed. Try not to fiddle or fidget.

Good customer service goes a long way. By applying these simple skills consistently will result in good customer service. Over time this will bring people back and encourage more customers to use your business.



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