Why are Influencing Skills Important? 

influencing other people

Influencing skills are important because as a leader, you must be heard and understood. The ability to bring others to your way of thinking, without force or coercion is an essential skill for leadership. You must be able to convince your employees to work hard. Also, convince your clients your product is the best option. This all requires influencing skills. 

Influencing involves, listening, earning respect, having the ability to adapt to your audience, clear body language and focus. If you have found yourself in a leadership role, it is probably because you are already aware of, and have demonstrated these skills. So let’s consider the further ways you can hone your influencing skills:

Being non – threatening

Always remember that ‘influencing’ is very different from coercion. This is the action or practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats. Influencing is not about being threatening. By threatening someone, you may be able to make them do something in the short term. But long term this is not good strategy. Influencing always takes into account other people’s thoughts and opinions and uses this information to drive an idea or concept forward. By doing this, you take people along with you and win their support. This is essential for long term success.

Working with others

As we’ve just mentioned, good influencers take others’ perspectives into account. This involves considering a topic and acknowledging others opinions. Influencing involves getting something done any which way, rather than becoming stubborn and trying to get it done your way or not at all. Of course, it’s very motivating for others to be around an influential person. You make the job easier and get things done. Remember that sometimes you have to give a little, to gain a lot. Once you are able to work well with others you will undoubtedly help your employees and organisation move toward its goals in a positive way.

Self awareness

By being aware of yourself and your communication style and how others respond to you, you will become a better influencer. You can spend a great deal of time and thought putting together a proposal, presentation or sales pitch, but if you do not have the self awareness of knowing how you present this can be just as important, you may fail to influence your audience. Always try to imagine how others will perceive your message and be willing to make adjustments with how you present it and yourself.


Being able to influence others takes confidence. Even when you are perhaps punching above your weight, if you have the confidence to attempt to influence others above your authority, this confidence alone could help you convince others to consider your ideas. If you often feel others around you are regularly influencing ideas which you believe could be improved or changed for the better, then having the confidence to say so will help you stand your ground and successfully persuade others. 


In today’s competitive work environment, strong business communication skills are essential. Engage in Learning provide Influencing Pathway courses which will help you clarify your goals, focus efforts on the right people and select the most appropriate influencing tactics. The course will show you how to adapt your communication skills to the situation and the people involved. This will strengthen your ability to pitch influential content face-to-face or virtually. This can determine how you are perceived, trusted and able to command a positive influence, whether presenting one-to-one or to an audience

Our Communicating to Influence course can be found here