E-Learning – Why it’s the Modern Way to Develop and Grow your Business

benefits of elearning

Why eLearning?

E-learning, also known as online courses, online training or electronic learning, is training which is delivered through digital resources. So this can be anything from computers, tablets, phones; pretty much any device which connects to the internet.
Now more than ever we are learning in new, innovative and different ways than previous generations. Gone is the traditional face-to-face training with costly materials, travel. accommodation and soggy sandwiches. Modern training cuts all of this out. Training can be delivered anytime, anywhere and at a pace which suits the learner. By changing the way training is delivered eLearning provides a cost effective, flexible, tailored alternative to traditional instructor led training courses. Let’s look at why this is the only learning choice for your company.


Companies adopting eLeaning as their go-to training will enjoy many benefits, the first of which is accessibility. The process of setting up is incredible straight forward and involves SCORM. SCORM stands for “Sharable Content Object Reference Model.” The jargon can be a little confusing if you are not tech savvy but essentially it means that SCORM allows your company to create units of online training which can be shared across your systems.

SCORM standardises how eLearning courses are created and how they are used. Another acronym used in eLearning is LMS. This stands for “Learning Management Systems”. LMS are created in line with SCORM and these tools work together to provide eLearning for organisations.

You may often hear the term ‘SCORM courses’ used in relation to eLearning. This is because eLearning courses must be SCORM compliant. SCORM and LMS work together to launch the course in a browser, collect data and reports results of performance.

It can be used on multiple devices

Once installed the possibilities are endless. Unlike instructor led training, eLearners can complete courses at home, in the office, even on public transport! The use of modern devices is widespread. Most people now have access to a smartphone at the very least. As long as the learner has access to a device, and the content is compatible, they can complete courses wherever they choose.

People prefer self paced learning

The internet has changed the way we learn. Search engines provide infinite information at the touch of a finger. E-learning harnesses this power and enables learners to study at a time and pace suits them. If you’re a night owl who often works best late at night, this is no problem at all. We live and work in 24 hour environment now and there is no reason for training to be any different. Why shouldn’t you study at a time which suits you? This is perfect for anyone juggling children, working unsociable hours or needing to fit training in whenever they can. There is no need to compromise and lose time and money. And you can work at your own pace, completing a little at a time or doing it all at once, it’s up to you!

Low cost

Traditionally training has always involved quite a bit of disruption. We all know it is necessary and will ultimately benefit everyone but it involves the booking of a venue, catering, travel and the provision of materials. This is before the costs for the training itself and the working time lost. Training can span an entire morning or days at a time. E-learning presents a straightforward and sensible alternative to this. It offers great benefits to the individual and organisation and vastly reduces the training time as:

  • Learners are in control and can study at their own pace
  • There are less distractions from others
  • During classroom training issues can go off topic and waste time
  • There are no introductions or housekeeping necessary
  • Learners can skip topics which are not relevant to them
  • There is no travel time

Tailored training

As a result of this, there is no pressure and the learner can tailor the training to suit themselves. Most of us have been in a classroom environment and not felt confident about the subject. Perhaps the training is moving too quickly or you are interested in a particular topic and would like to go over it again. E-learning allows you to move through the training entirely at your own pace.

It’s also great for the environment

When considering the environment, online courses are a no-brainer. With less travel and materials  it promotes a much more environmentally friendly way to deliver training.

And finally: E-learning is effective!

This is the greatest benefit of eLearning. Of course, the purpose of any training is to learn something and be able to apply it. Many studies have concluded that eLearning is highly effective, much more so than traditional classroom methods of training. With flexibility, tailored courses, no pressure and by having control over the process, learners are much more likely to take in, retain and apply the information they have learnt. And this has endless benefits for the individual and organisation.