Refreshing eLearning keeps the heat off Training Managers

One of the features of all Engage in Learning courses is our refresher options. All Engage in Learning courses come with the ability to switch on refresh mode – this means that new starters can access the full version while existing learners can top up gaps in their knowledge.

Our Customers love this flexible (and free) feature of our courses which is designed to significantly reduce the course duration for those learners who display prior knowledge of the course content.

This is a clever solution as it reduces learning time for those that already know their stuff but gives a full learning experience for those that need it.

The learner is initially presented with a set of questions that cover the whole course.  Success in this ‘pre testʼ determines which sections are still required to be completed in order to complete the course.  There is a post test only for the required sections.

‘the learner is able to test their own level of knowledge and understanding quickly and efficiently’

If a learner answers all the pre-test questions correctly they do not need to do any of the course or post test and immediately get their certificate.

Training Managers are secure in the knowledge that their teams are fully up to date with the training (especially important in compliance training) and the learner is able to test their own level of knowledge and understanding quickly and efficiently

Our beautifully designed interactive courses deliver the knowledge and skills your employees need to shine, and can be edited by you using our unique in-course Editor to include your own content, making it a perfect flexible of the shelf bespoke solution.

Does your current eLearning give you this option? If not let us demonstrate why the Engage in Learning solution is a Training Manager’s dream.

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