Can you have Learning without Development?

Humans have been evolving for over 300,000 years. Honing survival skills. Beating a path to intellectual and physical dominance. Our evolution has been very successful and we have learned a lot.

But have we truly developed? From the French developper to unfold or unfurl, develop simply means to “undo the wrapping up”.

Are we all so tightly bound by the rules; so programmed to read, recite and repeat that we have become incapable of true development — and if so how many others feel the same?

Evolution has provided us with all the tools but most of us have put them in a box for safekeeping. What use then is learning if we are not developed enough to apply it in innovative ways?

If you want to thrive – develop.and if you want your employees to thrive – donʼt just have them learn – let them develop!

If you are responsible for the development of others, choose courses which not only give learners the experience they need with content rich media, case studies and gamification, but also in a learning environment that is personal to them.

Our unique set of in course features allow each learner to tailor the course to suit their preferences including controlling the speed of delivery and the colours and contrast to create a relaxing learning environment. Male and female Tutors guide learners through the course, ensuring learner participation and giving them feedback along the way.

If you want to test our courses and see the features in action for yourself just give our friendly team a call.

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