Business Skills Online Training

There are some essential business skills that every leader or manager needs to develop or invest in. Our popular and effective eLearning courses focus on every aspect of business skills. Our online courses cover everything from planning a presentation and hosting a productive business meeting to using voice and words effectively or writing the perfect business email.

Our powerful eLearning courses are designed for access on both desktop computers and mobile devices, so you can learn whenever and wherever you like.

Engage in Learning Pathways

Course pathways build competency
and confidence systematically

Engage in Learning Pathways are special suites of related courses carefully designed to systematically build learner competency and confidence. These learning ‘journeys’ help learners gain a multi-faceted understanding of theory + practice, and greatly contribute to their learning commitment and sense of achievement.

Our courses are available on a discrete basis too, with generous discounts for bulk orders, to offer you a flexible and competitively priced solution to your online training requirements.