Driving eLearning Success

Introducing the Customer

One of the largest dealer networks in the UK. Founded in 1972, this company has expanded over the years to become one of the biggest motor groups in the South East and South West, whilst remaining a family-owned business at their core.

Operating 57 dealerships and 4 TPS Centres in locations across Kent, West Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Bristol, South Wales and the West Midlands, they represent Toyota, Volkswagen, Lexus, Renault, Dacia, Hyundai, Peugeot, ŠKODA, Nissan, Maserati and Audi.

Staff numbers have grown to over 1,500 employees in sites across the country.

What the customer was looking for

The Group Compliance and Data Protection Officer for the company was looking for comprehensive GDPR training for all staff.

With the new regulations introduced in May 2018 to enforce tougher GDPR standards on companies, they needed to access clear and engaging training for the dealership network.

Many staff within this company are customer facing. With fines of up to 20 million euros for any organisation which fails to be transparent in their handling of customer data, it was essential they found the right training quickly.

Usually this company conducts training internally, in a traditional classroom environment. As new staff begin their employment, regional managers take on the role of trainer and provide guidance and direction.

In this instance a different style of training was required. They needed to make sure all employees understood what GDPR meant. Secondly they then needed to learn how to comply with GDPR regulations and understand their responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Due to the geographic dispersion of staff it was not cost or time effective for the Group Compliance and Data Protection Officer to travel around the country delivering training. E-learning was the best option for the company, so they began shopping around for the right provider.

How we helped

Engage in Learning were among the first online training providers they found. Upon first contact they knew they didn’t need to look any further.

The first point of contact was John Polak, an Account Manager here at Engage in Learning. In discussion with John it quickly became apparent that we could meet all of their training needs, and the process would be incredible straight forward and easy.

John traveled to meet with the Group Compliance and Data Protection Officer to further discuss their needs. Within a week of the initial enquiry, the training was set up and ready to go.

Success factors

The company worked with both John Polak and Nikki Malone to roll out the training to staff. They found John and Nikki to be extremely efficient, professional and easy to communicate with. The turnaround from first enquiry to delivery of the training platform was incredibly quick and straight forward.

It simply involved the Group Compliance and Data Protection Officer sending an internal email to senior managers with all the information they needed, including support guides. There were no issues with the set up or the delivery. The process was simple and easy to follow.

Staff gave positive feedback for the training itself. It provided the right balance between theory and practice. With a range of audio and visual features it engaged the learners and encouraged participation in a way other courses do not. This was important to the organisation as they didn’t want a course which would be dull and off-putting. It was essential that as many staff as possible completed the training.

Following the success of the GDPR course, they had no hesitation in using Engage in Learning for further training. Cyber security had already identified as another potential course. Within half an hour of enquiring about this, John came back with a package.

Following such a successful partnership, this leading motor company and Engage in Learning will continue working with one another to deliver bespoke training.

“Every stage of contact with Engage in Learning has been brilliant. They made the process incredibly straight forward and easy”