High Flying Service and Support

Introducing the customer

Designing and manufacturing seats for today’s discerning airline passengers. This company employs approx. 200 people in various roles from designers and engineers, through to production, sales and support.

What the customer was looking for

The company’s Learning and Development Manager had joined in January 2018. They quickly identified the need to introduce a true learning management system that went beyond housing mandatory eLearning. They were an existing customer of Engage in Learning, using the Engage in Learning LMS platform. Whilst this provided the immediate and basic mandatory training needs of the company, she wanted a system that she could control and do more with.

The Learning and Development Manager considered all the available options and after researching the possibilities decided to go with a Totara LMS platform. This would give the company  a complete in-house system capable of monitoring all learning activity, not just eLearning courses, and future proofing the company needs with a platform that had broad functionality to meet their changing needs.

How we helped

Engage in Learning provide the full Totara package. As we already had a great working relationship, it made perfect sense to explore developing their eLearning system with us.

They discussed their needs with Alexandra Wilson, a Senior Account Manager here at Engage in Learning. Alexandra was able to address all of Joanne’s ‘pain points’ very well and Joanne quickly decided there was no need to go to any other company.

Engage in Learning were able to provide the full package to; record training, add new courses and features, blend features and set up workshops. It was vital that they took on a system that would grow with them and wouldn’t become outdated.

To set everything up, they then worked with Nikki Malone, our Customer Service Manager. The company has found Nikki and Alexandra, both then and now, to be a key support. The customer really wanted to push the boundaries of what could be achieved from the system in terms of personalisation. Together they explored the system to find ways to achieve everything that was required. It was felt strongly that the team here gave the time and effort to respond to her requests by fully exploring and playing around with the system, to work out together how best to make it work for everyone.

Success Factors

The team here fully understood the requests made upon them and always found ways to help. The Customer from the beginning wanted the very best for her company and always asked for more than was immediately obvious from the system. Engage in Learning responded to this and delivered at every level.

The customer now has a fantastic in-house training platform and continue to receive excellent customer service from the team here. They have 20+ essential elearning courses available to them and may look to increase this with Engage in Learning in the future.

I never heard the word “no”, always, “let’s see what we can do.”

Learning and Development Manager