When everybody matters, training is key

Introducing the customer

At this council, located in the south west of England they say “people are the greatest asset”. The Council is continually seeking to ensure their 10,000+ staff have the right skills, knowledge and experience. This supports the organisational vision and creates stronger, and more resilient communities.

What the customer was looking for

The Council had introduced a cartoon character, “Colin the Chameleon” in 2011. Colin brought to life their new behaviours framework. They wanted the framework to be embedded throughout the Council. For example, in recruitment, appraisals, policies, learning and development and monthly and annual corporate awards. They wanted to enable employees to fully understand and engage with the behaviours framework. So, the Council decided to commission a supplier to create a flexible technological eLearning solution.

How we helped

Our approach to the project was exciting, engaging and demonstrated that we clearly understood the brief.

The project team has worked very closely and exceptionally well with our company directors; Chris Horseman and Kim Whitmore. This created a highly successful result, in a relatively short time.

Engage in Learning worked with the council every step of the way. We also included stakeholders from a range of service areas. With our support they provided information about how they expected staff to perform against the framework, details of entrants to corporate awards and stories and examples from staff. This enabled Chris, Kim and the team, to pull all of these elements together into a piece of e-learning. The final result is engaging, exciting, interactive and gives staff a real sense of  the behaviours expected from them, and how they are in place at the council.

Success factors

Part of the eLearning involves staff telling their own stories. Kim’s skill in supporting the staff (often very nervous) to share their stories on camera was crucial to its success. The interactive quizzes which allow users to explore their behaviours from a colleague’s viewpoint work really well. And the introduction of anti-Colin the chameleon has bought a humorous touch to the programme with very clever use of the changing guises of the chameleon.

Engage in Learning were innovative in their approach. They always managed to come up with solutions to every challenge. At one stage the Council needed to have a way of recording evidence to support staff through appraisals and one to ones.  So, a personal workbook was created, to make learning relevant to each individual

Chris attended a workshop alongside stakeholders. This resulted in a version of the eLearning which could be used by front line staff, without access to technology. The feedback at the workshop was tremendous; with the staff video’s having the greatest impact – even resulting in a few tears.

It has been a pleasure working with Engage in Learning – they have listened to our needs and translated them into a piece of e-learning that will have a great impact on services within Wiltshire Council, and on the communities we serve.