Building on Future Success

Introducing the customer

With seven regional operations and c.1,200 employees at locations across England. This customer creates new, sustainable communities, with a strategic focus on the south of the country.

The product range encompasses two-bed starter properties through to large six-bed family homes. Blending tradition with innovation, they create quality dwellings and developments with contemporary living standards.

Company employees have skills across a range of fields, including land buying, planning, design, surveying, engineering, purchasing, construction, sales and marketing, public relations and customer service.

Regional offices are based around the country, including Kings Hill (HQ in Kent), Basingstoke, Exeter, Bishops Cleeve (near Cheltenham), Stafford and Milton Keynes.

What the customer was looking for

The Training and Communications Manager needed to find a comprehensive GDPR eLearning course for the 1,200 employees of the company. He knew exactly what he was looking for from an eLearning course.

The customer had been using another company for their eLearning requirements. But, in this instance they wanted to find an eLearning provider with a more engaging course and robust testing system. So they took time to research the available options by exploring sample courses and company reviews. This led them to Engage in learning.

The customer wanted a one-off GDPR course, hosted on the providers LMS platform. This was ideal as Engage in Learning provide a range of different LMS options.

How we helped

The customer contacted Engage in Learning. Mark Edmonds, our Account Director, talked them through the various options. They found Mark very engaging and great to communicate with.

Once they were happy to proceed, they worked with Nikki Malone, our Customer Success Manager, to deliver the training. The company found Nikki to be hugely supportive and always happy to help. There were occasions when they experienced internal problems delivering the training, through no fault of Engage in Learning. Nevertheless, Nikki would go out of her way to assist in solving the problems. She would always get the training up and running for the employees.

Success Factors

The customer said that he found the whole process very quick and straightforward. The company were aware that it would be challenging to get all 1200 employees to complete the course, fully take in the information and apply it in their work. The Training and Communications Manager wanted to make sure the course itself was engaging enough to captivate the audience and that the test at the end really challenged the learner.

GDPR is a subject which needed to be fully understood by the entire staff team but as it was not explicitly relevant to individuals roles, it was not a popular course. Nevertheless, it had to be completed and the customer needed to be assured their staff had fully understood it and its importance.

The company was very satisfied that Engage in Learning delivered this. The course resulted in genuine learning and the level of staff knowledge is now significantly higher than it had been previously.

The process was very easy, quick and straightforward from start to finish. We would certainly come back to Engage in Learning in the future.

Training and Communications Manager