Reconnecting London with valuable training

Introducing the Customer

Set up in 2015, the sole purpose of this company is to create a new tunnel to clean up the Thames. They work across 25 sites in London with numerous joint venture partners. Working together they aim to complete the project in 2024.

What the customer was looking for

The Compliance and Information Manager, was looking for comprehensive GDPR training for all company staff.

Following the new regulations, companies had to become more transparent about how they handled customer data. Failure to do so would result in fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of the company’s annual turnover. This was a huge issue for many companies, this one included.

Firstly they needed to make sure all employees understood what GDPR meant. Secondly they then needed to learn how to comply with GDPR regulations and understand their responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation.

So with a training need of such importance, they knew they had to find the best, most cost effective way to deliver this. Operationally, eLearning was the best option for the company.

The company had previously used eLearning but were keen to find the best online training for their 350 plus staff, so chose to shop around. Through their searches they found Engage in Learning.

How we helped

Engage in Learning provide a range of different courses and costs. This interested the company so they connected with Siân Ingleby, one of the Account Managers at Engage in Learning. The Compliance and Information Manager found Siân to be a great source of information and an engaging and easy person to deal with.

The variety of different courses on offer was a great benefit to them. As was the possibility of coming back to the same supplier for all their training needs. This was the simplest and most efficient way of delivering training.

The company rolled out the Engage in Learning GDPR course she had been looking for to train all their staff. They also added a further 4 courses – Modern Slavery, Anti-Bribery, Money Laundering and Equality and Diversity.

Success factors

The company was delighted with the service they received from Engage in Learning. Courses were promoted via email and internal newsletters with links and passport connections. And staff were encouraged to complete them within a given timescale. This made the process easy to communicate and manage. The GDPR course had a 100% take up rate. Therefore the company had communicated effectively with their workforce to ensure they fully complied with new GDPR regulations.

Of the subsequent courses provided to their staff, Modern Slavery was particularly successful. This company sits within the construction industry and as such they were aware that modern slavery is a very real and present issue. By providing this course to all employees they were able to raise and maintain awareness on this vitally important topic.

They found all the courses provided the perfect start to learning and provoked wider conversations around these important topics. In addition to the online training they provided face-to-face sessions on these topics which drew on and complimented the online learning and provided a perfect combination.

“Staff don’t always have the time for training. Engage in Learning provided the simplest, most efficient way of delivering it.”