Investing in a foundation for learning

 Introducing the company

Our customer is the largest building society in the world with over 15 million members. They are the second largest provider of household savings and mortgages in the UK. With headquarters based in Swindon, they manage 17,000 employees.

What the customer was looking for

The Society was looking for an interactive eLearning solution that would ensure its 17,000 employees receive appropriate health & safety training.

How we helped

Account managers had identified that staff often wasted time repeating learning they already knew. So they wanted to move away from a one size fits all approach. Here at Engage in Learning we were able to fully meet this expectation.

Success factors

We provided a system able to direct employees to learning, based on an initial online pre-test.. The pre-test, completed by all staff, assesses their knowledge. It then takes them where they need to be, rather than repeating learning just for the sake of it.

The interactive course uses accelerated learning techniques to provide essential health & safety advice, including how to identify hazards and control the risks in the workplace. It features practical tips and exercises to help employees stay physically and mentally healthy at work. Additional modules are available on mobile working – for employees who ‘hot desk’ or work in remote locations – and manual handling, where this is required.

In an evaluation of the new course, involving 7,200 employees, 96% felt confident about their health & safety awareness after completing their annual refresher training. 93% of 1,400 new starters said the course inspired and motivated them and 97% said it met their personal objectives.

“We’ve been pleased by the positivity of the evaluation results”.

“Health & safety can be a dry subject but Engage in Learning offer an effective and enjoyable way to provide mandatory training. They’re a very professional and responsive partner and I’d have no hesitation in recommending them. Our health & safety course is quick and easy to complete and it ensures that our people know what they need to know, to do their jobs safely.”

Chief Safety Officer