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Introducing the customer

The company has been making snacks for over 30 years and are based in Norfolk. In 2016 the company bought a popcorn factory and expanded their range. They now have around 450 staff.

What the customer was looking for

The Learning and Development Officer has worked for the company for the last two years. In a previous role she had used eLearning and was keen to bring this method of training to her current employer.

Prior to this the company had relied upon traditional classroom based training on core topics such as health and safety and machine operation skills.

The customer approached Engage in Learning looking for a system which would meet all of the company’s training needs. It was looking for a package which could provide both mandatory training and tailor made training and support and Engage in Learning fit the bill.

How we helped

The customer was assisted by John Polak, one of our Account Managers. The L & D Officer already had a good idea of what she was looking for, so John talked through the possibilities offered by Engage in Learning.

Impressed with the options and versatility on offer, they decided to proceed with a complete solution package from us.

For those new to eLearning, it is possible to pick and choose off the shelf courses, and deliver them to your staff on the Engage in Learning LMS (learning management system) platform.

Alternatively, companies looking for a more complete training solution can purchase for themselves, one of our flexible LMS packages. This gives your organisation the tools to manage learner options and provide the management information you need to optimise results.

The complete Totara LMS package was the best option. Totara Learn is a powerful, effective and award-winning LMS platform that provides everything you need to manage eLearning within your own business. For examples, content creation and advanced reporting to performance and risk management.

The Manager then worked with Nikki Malone, our Customer Success Manager, to create an LMS platform that worked for them.

Success factors

They were greatly impressed with the customer service received from Engage in Learning. Nikki was available to take them through each stage of the process. Crucially Nikki asked all the right questions. Instead of simply providing an off the shelf package, Nikki took the time to find out exactly what they required for their business to flourish. By understanding this, we were able to work together to perfectly tailor the training and support provided.

The purchase of the complete solution gave the customer  complete control over the system. It offers both versatility and a one stop shop for all their training needs. They can provide mandatory training for all staff (in this instance Equality and Diversity and Bullying and Harassment), and provide tailored training for specific individuals and teams (such as Leadership and Management Pathways) whilst monitoring uptake and progress.

This new learning platform has been incorporated into the company induction process. New starters are fascinated by how straight forward and easy it is to use. The customer has found that young people, in particular, have taken to this method of learning very well. As technology has advanced young people are much more comfortable with digital platforms than traditional learning and eLearning works perfectly for them.

However, it has not been without its challenges. Within the company some of the employees speak English as a second language and many are not confident using a computer. This presents barriers to learning, but the company tackle this by providing support to these individuals. This is ultimately a great benefit to the staff as alongside the training, they are also developing their language and IT skills.

“Nikki Malone, the Customer Success Manager at Engage in Learning was a godsend, an absolute star. She asked all the right questions and made sure the training and support was tailored to the needs of (the business).”