Features designed to increase engagement

Give your employees everything they need to take control of their own learning with a range of features to provide them with the best experience.


Create courses that fit your brand, include your company policies and create new content with our Course Editor.

  • Add your company logo and colours
  • Personalise with your own graphics and text
  • Embed your own documents
  • Add links to videos and online content
  • In-house customisation service to create new content tailored to your needs

Accessible and engaging

Learners can control various features to suit their needs and learning styles. The course content is designed to engage learners with real life scenarios, interactivity, humour and storytelling.

  • Audio and customisable closed captions
  • Choose their own theme and language
  • Control the speed of the courses
  • Slow down or replay sections
  • Tests develop self-awareness and builds knowledge
  • Learners can track their own progress


Learners can take courses in their preferred language, making content more digestible and easier to understand.

  • 100 languages to choose from
  • Integrated language translation
  • Course text transcript available with a single click
  • Fully localised translations also available

Other features

  1. eBooks Interactive eBooks boost knowledge retention and provide long-term support.
  2. Mobile Friendly Learners can take courses on mobile devices as well as on desktop.
  3. Accreditation Industry standard bodies such as CPD, RoSPA, IATP and ESSC provide accreditation.
  4. Tests Post-course tests ensure learners have understood the course content, and they receive a printable certificate once passed.
  5. Remote Updates Automatic updates are made remotely to keep content up-to-date with latest legislation and examples.
  6. LMS or Cloud Based You can use your existing LMS, Kallidus Learn or cloud based.