Food Safety Courses

If you have, or work for a business that handles food in any way, food safety is absolutely essential.

Food safety and food hygiene is regulated by the Food Standards Agency (FSC) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It works with local authorities to enforce food safety regulations.

Employers have a legal requirement as food business operators to ensure food handlers receive appropriate supervision and training in food hygiene in line with their work activity.

Failure to follow the necessary food safety regulations can lead to outbreaks of bacteria which cause food borne illnesses, such as salmonella, E.coli and campylobacter.

Should this occur due to poor food safety within your business it will cause irreparable damage to your reputation and you could face a fine or even imprisonment.

Appropriate training can protect your business and ensue that correct food catering and manufacturing is carried out by every person in your food chain. Engage in Learning we have covered your training needs with two Food Safety Level 2 courses: Catering and Manufacturing.

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Food Safety Level 2: Catering

How it works

This Level 2 Food Safety online training course demonstrates the impact of food poisoning and poor food hygiene. Learners will gain the knowledge and understanding they need to identify and control food safety hazards in their own workplace. It emphasises the responsibility of everyone in a catering environment to learn, understand and follow best practice to avoid food poisoning. It also draws upon Food Standards Agency statistics to reinforce and contextualise best practice in relation to food and hygiene.

Food Safety Course: Catering

This courseĀ covers

  • the law, due diligence and the HACCP process in an accessible way
  • high risk foods, food contamination and the temperature danger zone
  • food hazards and safety practices from delivery to consumption
  • best practice in storing, preparing and cooking food
  • how to clean, disinfect, and sterilize
  • the impact of allergies and some common allergens
  • food handler hygiene
  • pest control in a food preparation environment

Food Safety Level 2: Manufacturing

How it works

This online training course follows the same principles of our Catering course but emphasises the responsibility of everyone in a manufacturing environment to learn, understand and follow best practice to avoid food contamination.

Food Safety Course: Manufacturing

This courseĀ covers

  • the consequences of poor food safety practice on customers and the organisation
  • an introduction to food safety law, key terms and definitions, and the need for compliance
  • the different types of hazards and contamination
  • the HACCP process, due diligence, risk assessment
  • personal responsibility for hygiene: hand washing, illness, personal protective equipment
  • safety measures and practices from delivery to consumption
  • how to clean, disinfect, sanitise and sterilize
  • the impact of allergies and some common allergens
  • pest control and waste disposal

Both courses provide learners with a useful eBook to keep the learning fresh once they are back in the workplace and on the job!

On successful completion of the end of course test, learners will receive their Level 2 food hygiene certificate.

You can then rest assured that wherever food is handled, your employees are following the highest standards of food preparation, handling, storage and cleanliness.

* This eLearning only provides awareness education.

Face to face training would be needed in addition in order to complete the all round skills and knowledge to be able to carry this forward practically in your organisation.