Refreshing training makes re-certification easy

Save time on your recurring learning programmes.


What is the Refresher option?

Designed for learners repeating any of our courses for compliance purposes, it offers a pre-course assessment that recommends a tailored learning path to top up any gaps in the learner’s knowledge. This flexible feature, loved by both clients and learners alike, significantly reduces training time for re-certification.

Customer feedback shows us this option is a real winner:

“It’s working really well. Our staff like the idea of refreshing only what they have forgotten!” – Michael Woods (Talk Training)

1st visit learners see full course content. Subsequent renewals of the course certificate include a pre-course assessment that calculates recommended content and subsequent modules to focus on

Refreshing benefits for all


Learners are able to test their own level of knowledge and understanding quickly and efficiently.


Managers are secure in the knowledge that their teams are fully up to date with their training – especially important in compliance training.


But the best of all? This comes as standard on all Engage in Learning courses so it is absolutely free.