These 4 videos show you why our courses are a step ahead of the competition

These 4 videos demonstrate the feature and benefits of all Engage in Learning courses. You will discover what make our courses different and why our Customers love what we do.


Our off the shelf elearning library cover Legal Compliance, Health & Safety, Leadership and Management, Customer Service and IT. Our courses are accredited by professional bodies and each come with downloadable resources such as eBooks, Infographic and Development Plans. Each course also features a post test and certificate of completion


We vary the types of interactivity we use and harness them to keep people engaged and get them thinking and challenging themselves. The great thing about eLearning is that this challenge can happen in a safe space – which can help people be more honest with themselves – which is especially important in Financial or HR training.

Rich media

We make all our courses relatable – often with a video narrator who talks rather than teaches. We use scenarios familiar to everyone to recreate a variety of situations which deal with the subject matter in a way that learners appreciate and engage with.

Editable for your own culture

As with all of our courses, our in-course editor makes it easy to add your own links, processes, guidelines and branding, tailoring this unconscious bias training to your cultural needs. And, if you need more, we can have an experienced customisation unit. Control your learning environment with our unique themes and choose from an ever-expanding range to suit you. Fully customisable themes for corporate use are also available.